Join us every home game for your chance to draw the Jack of Spades and win our Accumulator Jackpot Prize!!!!

Our current Accumulator Prize is $711.50


Stonewall Jets Track the Jack

Last jackpot was $1578.00!!! Congratulations Cody Normand who was able to "Track the Jack"


Stonewall Jets Chase the Card Raffle

Pick to Win has been upgraded


We are proud to present our updated raffle.  Instead of the usual search for that boring and predictable Ace, we introduce to you Track the Jack.  Unlike other Chase the Ace or Chase the Queen raffles, you will have the ability to win the accumulator jackpot if you are the lucky winner to pick the Jack of Spades.  The Accumulator Jackpot will continue to grow every home game until there is a winner.  If at the end of the last Stonewall Jets home game the Jack of Spades has not been selected, we will host one final Special Draw Date on May 8th, 2020 at VMSC to make sure someone takes home that Accumulator Jackpot.  Press the link for details and rules. 

LGCA 7959-RF-34836


Track the Jack Rules, Regulations, and License


Printable copy of LGCA 7959-RF-34836

Track the Jack Rules

Rules specific to Stonewall Jets Track the Jack/Pick to Win Raffle

Chase the Card Terms and Conditions LGCA

LGCA Terms and Conditions for all Chase the Card Raffles.